Frequently Asked Questions?
1. How many messages can I send per minute using the SMS Gateway?
  The throughput as used by the SMS Gateway is 1 message every 3 to 6 seconds, so that equates to 10 messages per minute
2. Can I use a standard telephone line modem or Internet Connection with SMS Gateway?
  No, SMS Gateways directly communicates with the protocols of your mobile handset for sending and receiving messages. So no modem or Internet Connection is required.
3. Can I use any mobile phone with the Paranial SMS Gateway?
  Yes, almost all Nokia handsets will function well with Paranial SMS Gateway, although all tests of the product have been performed using a Noka 5110. It is recommended to use a Nokia 5110. If you wish to use another model, we shall conduct testing and if required make the necessary alterations, if any for no extra cost.