What is SMS Gateway?

SMS or Short Messaging System is a simple and easy way for mobile phone users to exchange messages using their mobile handset. What started off as a fun, easy way for two mobile phone users to chat with each other, has now grown rapidly to interface with a wide variety of applications.

SMS is catching on as a relatively low-cost easy-to-use solution for on-the-go connectivity and businesses to reach out to their customers directly. It lets you send short text and numeric messages to and from digital cell phones, cell phones and e-mail addresses, as well as cell phones and public messaging gateways on the Internet.

Today, it is possible to communicate with any mobile phone user around the globe using SMS, right from a simple browser-based web site to highly sophisticated back-end systems that work automatically in real time. The Paranial SMS Gateway is the connecting link between these diverse applications and a user's mobile phone. It is extremely simple-to-setup and use.

Paranial's SMS Gateway.

Paranial's SMS Gateway is the easy-to-use solution that allows you to send bulk SMS messages to your customers, as well as receive and manage SMS messages sent by customers to you. It allows you to generate and send automated responses to customer queries. It also allows you to save reports of all SMS messages, received and sent.

You don't need any additional infrastructure or even an Internet connection to start sending out SMS messages. The application can be installed on any PC, and all you require is a data cable and a NOKIA 5110 mobile phone.

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