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I started writing Exit Point in 2007 and it was published in 2014. At the core of it is the premise that with the advent of the internet, a web of intelligence is spreading over the planet connecting anything and everything intelligent to itself, thereby obviating the need for a physical presence and hurtling towards an "intelligent" singularity. If you think about it carefully that already incorporates the two main trends staring us in the face today - AI and the IoT.

Importantly, what the combination of these two things implies, is that most human industry and labor to date will become redundant due to technology and there will be only two things left for humans to do

1) Build technological systems that build and run the world

2) Keep themselves entertained when they are not building technological systems that build and run the world

Eventually the only two surviving wealth creation opportunities for humans, per se, will be in Technology and Media/Entertainment - everything else will be run by the technologies built by humans (or by technology?)

I have some experience and skills in both - see below - but if I had to summarize I am a problem solver and a story teller. (Wink: Story telling involves problem solving and problem solving involves story telling)


I have two decades of diverse and, what I personally see as, unique blend of experience across creative thought leadership, technology evangelism, program and project delivery, and a deep understanding of the most disrupted industry of this generation - media and entertainment

I have hacked solo with websites and mobile platforms since 1997, two decades before 'digital' became fashionable; I have start up like experience setting up organization structures and technology platforms as part of company mergers with at as early an age as 23 years; I have worked for Mr. Shah Rukh Khan helping him setup technology systems for B4U funded, a platform that was way ahead of its time in 1999-2000; I have worked with India's biggest and boldest broadcaster Star India, helping them redefine the game in digital with the aggressive launch of stars and and of late, I have been building digital and analytical architectures and solutions for clients across the world.


  • Digital Video / OTT (Accenture Digital Video Services, Rome)
  • IP Broadcasting (Origin Digital, London)
  • Digital Distribution (Accenture Digital Distribution System, Paris)


I am a novelist. For the foreseeable future I will only be writing technological thrillers (read my interviews if you are interested in knowing why; see especially this live chat which covers it well ->

My current body of work comprises two intense technological thrillers - Release 2.0 (www. | Exit Point (

In course of introspecting on the nature of the universe and the origin of life on Earth for writing Exit Point I developed a technological spirituality that now drives my world view and to a great extent therefore all my future concepts and plots for fictional stories.

I believe the universe is nothing but big data ( and the entire universe can be explained in computational terms. My next few books deal with things like digital immortality, IoT, parallel universes


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