You are in a dingy elevator in a creepy building... Your floor arrives but the elevator door doesn't open... And then... For the first time... You have this eerie feeling there is someone else also now in the lift with you... Behind you... What next? Do you have the guts to turn around?

You believe you saw something but nobody else saw it? Gets your goat? Maybe not. But what about something you touched and felt? And someone says it wasn't there?? Ever happened to you? Drove you nuts? If it's not happened start writing... And magic will start happening... For better or worse Creativity is a curse bro... Are u up for it?

Interaction 12 of The Podium Season 3 at IIM Shillong - Mr. Anil Goel

Suparn Verma was on way to the Exit Point book launch at Crossword on Saturday but had to change his route when he realized he was being followed. When he first started talking publicly about the issues raised by Exit Point, Suparn did not realise he was beginning to get watched very closely. He sent us this video message en route to warn us of the danger we were all in but ....

Suparn Verma is still untraceable! He tried sending a warning via this video message (unknown location) but he wasn't able to complete it. The video has chilling live footage of what is being considered as a clear attack on him for exposing the conspiracy behind Exit Point.


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